Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guys..I won't Date

1) Perverts, Perverts, Perverts
Ok, i know guys cudn't run away from thinking about sex. Sex thinking and boy are like twins that never can be seperated from their birth to their death. Natural Bronte..Normal I sed.I don't care what you guys think of me or other girls..just, keep it to urself!Please don't step over the limit of talking and beware of your act!Show some respect!Don't you ever think you can easily touch me except you are someone to me! Get my attention,get to knoe me, prove you love me, marry me and you can talk and do what ever you want!Don't just be a dickhead!

2) Smokers who smoke in front of people
You want to be dead earlier than me, go ahead!Just don't drag me with you!Smoke with your friends, smoke outside my house, I don't care...just makesure you are far-far away from me!I don't want to end up in the clinic..inhaled once again..I can't even stand the smell of the smoke from the 2nd party shirt.. how i can live my life with this type of guys?

3)Sweet talkers and Liars
Cakap tak serupa bikin.What I got only promises and lies..Janji tinggal janji!More than words is all I need!Enough said!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Balik After Raya - Lebuhraya Timur Barat

The journey was hazy. From Jeli to Gerik the road was full with mist and fog; raining cats and dogs. But we; Asmah and me were having fun skodeng this yellow volkswagen along the way..It was YELLOW!classy isn't it?owh,I'm so into old school and retro style...I love vespa, I love volkswagen (which i used to call kereta bug bug when i was small, maybe because it looks like a creepy-crawly beetle), I love thick framed spectacles, I love Jack Purcell shoes and The Beetles and also VANS...The driver and passenger seemed cute too! So, if you are one of them or have a track of the owner of this modified-engine-shooting-volksie please contact 017-PERASAN..haha..I'll be waiting ;-)

Stopped by at Banding Island for a while for a photo snapping session..The dead tree and the lake sangat menareks.I'm gonna have a Belum forest holiday sumday..yerp sumday..any nature lover out there? anyone join? :) Life; there's a LOT to explore!

Friday, October 3, 2008

VVIP vs us

Ridel Hotel Cafe.The location;Kelantan's Riverview, nice. But the service and the taste was HORRIBLE, didn't deserve the expensive charge we paid!"We need to serve the Dato' first before come to you.Wait for a while.." I still remember what the waiter said..Hello? A while? We waited there for almost an hour!Sangat teruk!Well, maybe we are not the VVIP but still we are your customer!I mean, WAS your customer!Still, was having fun snapping picture there :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was trying to snap the shadow of me on the car's screen when a moving school van passed by.And it was yellow... :D

p/s - Listening to Coldplay - Yellow :)

Family is All About...

F - Fun and Celebration
A - Always there for each other
M - Moment of togetherness
I - Innumerable stories
L - Lots of sweet moments
Y - Years and memories

Family is about these and MORE :)

The warmth and loving presence
makes our family all the MORE special :)
Happy Eid Mubarak!
Sorry Body and Soul

The Third Generation

Abang Li's - Fatin, Farini, Alif
Kak Zah's - Dayana, Imanina , Qayyum
Kak Mah's - Ainun, Arif, Adam
Kak Ma's - Aisyah


Sangat suke budak-budak
tunggu turn aku lak nk dapat anak~ hahaha
entah bile.....
Mau jadi kanak-kanak semula.. sumthing u can't rewind- Lillix